Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bollineni Hillside Atrocities

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Following the below letter to Agni gas, we spoke to Agni gas owner and Bollineni Hillside employee Balasubramaniam today (07-Jul-2014). They threatened to file defamatory case against me when sought to respond the below letter.

That has provoked me to publish the letter here.


1.       Mr. Maram Muralidhar
          M/s. Agni Gas Technologies Private Limited,
          No.6, Rams Flat 2,
          Sambandam Street,
          Chennai – 17.

2.       Mr. Chitra Kumar,
          M/s. Agni Gas Technologies Private Limited,
          No.6, Rams Flat 2,
          Sambandam Street,
          Chennai – 17.


          I am a resident at Bollineni Hillside where you are providing piped cooking gas. On 14-June-2014 your person refused to recharge the prepaid gas card bluntly. Also the reason quoted for not doing top-up of gas card balance was shocking.

Your Agni gas is refusing to provide me gas supply, stating the alleged financial transactional issues between me with the BSCPL Infrastructure Limited, who has been promoting Bollineni Hillside township. The builder is charging arbitrary high amount in the name of maintenance bills every month.

When sought clarification about the bills, the builder has stopped all possible services to me for the last 20 months, including (but not limited to) not attending maintenance complaints and not proving power backup, but still continue to charge Rs.4,941 (Rupees Four Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty one) every month. Now you are also joining hands with BSCPL Infrastructure Limited in coercing me to pay whatever bills he is generating without questioning the rationale behind such bills.

At this juncture, it is important to recall a psychical attack carried out by your Agni Gas employee Mr.Johnson on one of the residents in April 2013. Your employee Mr. Johnson got into the financial transactional issues between the builder and residents, demanded the resident to pay the dues to the builder, refused to recharge the gas and also brutally attacked the resident which resulted in multiple fractures. Subsequently the residents lodged a  complaint at the Pallikaranai Police Station.

Subsequent to the April 2013 incident, you stayed away from the transactional issues within the Bollineni Hillside township. But recently your actions are clearly out of your scope. I am taken by surprise to observe that Agni Gas is acting as a collection agency for BSCPL Infrastructure Limited. A gas agency becoming collection agency is a dangerous thing for the residents of Bollineni Hillside and their peaceful living.

In these circumstances it leaves me no choice other than formally requesting you to provide gas supply to me as per government norms, instead of acting as the private army of BSCPL Infrastructure. I request confirmation about the same from you and also that you will not get involved in the maintenance bill amount related disputes between the builder and residents.

I am looking forward to your positive response and action within 7 days from the receipt of this notice. Failing to take this matter seriously and still acting on the behest of the BSCPL Infrastructure Limited will result in further legal action and subsequent complaints to Bharat Gas.

Thanking You,
                                       Yours sincerely,
  1. Recent maintenance bill from BSCPL to me
Copy to:-
The Regional Manager
LPG Business Unit
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
1 Ranganathan Gardens,
Off 11th Main Road,
Chennai - 40
Ph: 044 26213914

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