Monday, July 29, 2013

How to attract a girl in India

A woman wants to be touched, felt and teased. She wants to be heard but not judged. She wants to you listen to her but don’t expect you offering solution to her problems. She wants you to pay attention to her – pay attention to details. 

She wants to complement on her looks, her makeup, her dress, her body spray etc. She wants you to make her feel beautiful.  She wants to be valued and cherished. She wants you to say that you are lucky. She wants you to laugh at the silly jokes of her, even though they are not really funny. She wants you to demonstrate trust. She wants to feel secured in your presence. She wants to sleep without any worries when she leans on your shoulder. She wants you to take solace from her. She does not want you to keep any secrets unknown to her. 

She does not want you to talk bad about her parents and family, while she is not governed by the same rule. She wants to exchange little hugs and kisses every now and then. Woman wants your closeness to arouse her sexual feelings towards you whereas you want sex to get closer. She wants you get into arguments, even if it is for fun sake, but she wants to win that by making you accept that she is right. You should not concede for her, but you should be convinced despite being right. She wants you to be interesting. She wants you to make her laugh. She wants your presence to make her happy. She wants you to play pranks with her. 

She wants you to know how to please her on the bed (or on the sofa or under the shower).

From Borrowed Girlfriend  

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