Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beauty Queen Rosy Senanayake

Rosy Senanayake is not as close to us, the upper middle class Indians,  as Hina Rabbani Khar of Pakistan or Carla Bruni of France. Remarks made at her in Sri Lankan parliament by a Minister in Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government last year has found a place in top 10 sexist moments in politics. Rosy is a former Miss World.

Transport minister Kumara Welgama said he was "choked" by her beauty. "I am so happy to answer a question by a beauty queen," he said. "You are such a charming woman. I cannot explain my feelings here. But if you meet me outside Parliament, I will describe them … My thoughts are running riot … I don't want to reveal [them] to the public."

A different kind of riot from SLFP.

More encounters at the guardian linkWhat I liked the most was from the Chilean president Sebastián Piñera:

“When a politician says yes, he means maybe, when he says maybe, he means no, and if he says no, he's not a politician. When a lady says no, she means maybe, when she says maybe, she means yes, and if she says yes, she's not a lady."

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