Monday, May 27, 2013

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Imran Khan on Nawaz Sharif

From the biography of Imran, the cricketer turned politician:

Just before the World Cup in October 1987, when I was captaining Pakistan, we played a warm-up match against the West Indies at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Moments before the match, the secretary of the cricket board, Shahid Rafi, informed me that the Chief Minister of Punjab, Nawaz Sharif, was going to captain the team that day. I was taken aback but then assumed that he would have a non-playing role and waned to watch the match from the dressing room. Therefore I was shocked to see him walk out to toss the coin with Viv Richards, the West Indies captain, dressed in his cricket whites; but there was a bigger shock to come. He won the toss, and returned to the dressing-room and started putting on his pads. None of the team could believe what we were seeing; he was going to open the innings where with Mudassar Nazar against the West Indies, one of the greatest fast-bowling attacks in cricket history. Nazar wore batting pads, a thigh pad, chest pad, an arm guard, a helmet and reinforced batting gloves, while Sharif simply had his batting pads, a floppy hat and a smile

For those who are not conversant with cricket history, it is important to know that this was a fast-bowling attack not seen before or since in the cricketing world, such was West Indies' blistering place, with four bowlers bowling above 90 mph. It was the sort of attack that had destroyed the careers of many a talented batsman. International batsmen, professional cricketers would have sleepless nights when they were due to face the West Indies. And here was Nawaz Sharif, who had no experience of playing at this level of cricket, walking out unprotected, to face this deadly attack. Clearly he would not have the reflexes to defend himself if a short ball was aimed at his body, so there was a risk of a serious injury. I quickly enquired if there was an ambulance ready.

As we watched the ball - by a six feet, six inch West Indian fast bowler - hit the wicketkeeper's gloves even before Sharif could lift his bat, the team sighed with relief that it wasn't straight. Mercifully for Sharif, the second ball was straight at the stumps, and before he could move, his stumps lay shattered. For those who don't understand cricket, Sharif was trying the equivalent in academic terms of a child, having just finished primary school, attempting to write a PhD thesis.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prabhakaran: The Story of his Struggle for Eelam book free download

- Chellamuthu Kuppusamy

The Kindle book 'Prabhakaran: The Story of his Struggle for Eelam’ is available for free download on 17th and 18th of May 2013.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bollineni Hillside Problems

Bollineni Hillside is a township proposed in 92 acres in Nookampalayam village, 5 km from Sholinganallur in Chennai. It is promoted by Bollineni Krishnaiah, a politician from Andra Pradesh. In the 92 acres, only 50% is getting constructed now. In this first half, known as phase I, about 1300 houses are planned. This land and building plans are said to have been owned by a famous Tamil film personality, who subsequently should have sold it to Krishnaiah’s company, known as BSCPL.

Back in 2009, BSCPL advertised that the township is situated adjacent to a crystal clear lake. They also promised to build 7-storied clubhouse with tennis court, half Olympic sized swimming pool and many other amenities, which would easily fill 7-8 lines. RO water was also promised.

The owners who bought their dwelling units allege that they are in a fix now. The builder delayed the delivery of flats and villas. In one example, a software engineer booked a flat in October 2009 and the builder promised to deliver it in December 2010. But his key was given to him only in February 2011. The residents allege that every individual has a story to share.  

The residents were hoping that the builder will honor his commitment one day. The clubhouse, which was advertised way back in 2009, had not taken any signs of coming up. The residents claims BSCPL had cheated them, by luring them with some false promise with something in 2009 while it was yet to be approved in 2013. The builder had advertised their ‘clubhouse’ as a prime facility for many months. After sufficient number of houses were sold, they stopped highlighting the clubhouse and continued to advertise ‘join and enjoy the luxury that 500 families already enjoy’.

The builder claims more than 500 residents started occupying their units. On top of failed deliverables and false promises, many of these 500 + residents are in a state of shock due to exorbitant maintenance bill that BSCPL started charging them. There are people who are charged Rs 5,000 as monthly maintenance – akin to paying rent for his own house. One residents has confirmed that his water bill alone is Rs 880 per month. (His canned water expenses are extra because of BSCPL’s cheated him by not building RO water plant)

The builder claims he is buying water in tanker lorries, despite Nookmpalayam area being surrounded by paddy fields and a hill. People allege BSCPL is using the water for its ensuing construction work. Some people have taken the matter to consumer court and one individual is said to have taken criminal case route for cheating. The court is understood to have asked the police to file FIR on the builder.

As a climax, on 20th April, a person responsible for recharging piped cooking gas at the Facility Management Office of the builder assaulted a resident breaking his nose and left arm. The resident received multiple fractures and recovering from the bone injury. This atrocious activity has angered many home owners at Bollineni Hillside.

To top up the prevailing dissatisfaction level with current customers and negative news floating around, few builders have come up with projects at Perumbakkam – just adjacent to Sholinganallur. Considerable units in Bolllineni Hillside are not sold and what is said to be 'phase II' of this proposed 92 acre township.

Now, you know why we see TV commercials for Bollineni Hillside showing up in Vijay TV for the past few days !!