Thursday, July 27, 2006


- by Kuppusamy Chellamuthu

No activity off late in this as it was in the market for retail investors.
Drying volumes, beaten down prices, no cash to buy… none of them was surprise & new. Most hit was the primary market where quite a few companies pulled back their IPO plans and rest that dared got poor response.

Past few days sentiments apparently getting back. However every adverse reason that prevailed a month back still remains intact despite the fact that some of quality stock s available at comfortable valuation. I would love to see the market at the same levels or even further slide. That would give me a long stretch of consolidation period with few more paydays ahead. If buying stock at cheap valuation is the motto of investing, we have every reason to rejoice bear domination. But a bear can last anywhere between a minute to couple of centuries. DJIA was at the same levels in 1964 & 1981, 17 long years. Japanese index fell all the way from 30 thousands points to 4 digits.

You rarely know whether your date is expensive or not. A fancy girl can make a fatty credit-card bill for you to pay for months. As a matter of fact, it is rarer to predict the markets than a fancy girl.

Infrastructure major GMR ventures to tap the primary market, though with a reduced price band. It is learnt that George Soros' Quantum fund and ICICI ventures have taken sizable stake at the price higher than the propose price band. That does not assure anything at the outset for an investor. If this issue gets good response especially from retail segment, it might probably revive primary market sentiment. That should be a good news because that is the only money injected into companies' balance sheet and projects, indirectly fuelling economy. Secondary Markey irrespective of its rise & fall does not have direct influence on economy, except causing fluctuating income for brokers and traders.

GMR is the major stake holder in Hyderabad international airport and modernizing Delhi airport. Interestingly it own hundreds of acres of land around these 2 airports. Company is also into other infrastructure and power generation activities. That makes one interesting. However looking at Fy-2006 earnings its IPO price is at mammoth valuation of around 90 times. Leave the bal to the keeper & wait???

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